PresenZ license for 3D&VFX studios

PresenZ plug-in:

PresenZ allows to create pre-rendered volumetric movies. The user can move his head and even walk freely in the scenes.  

PresenZ is implemented as a plug-in on high-end renderers. At render time, its special camera gathers all the information needed to cover whatever is possible to see from the "zone of view". The outcome of the render is a file in PresenZ format. At playback, our player displays the right stereoscopic images according to your position at that exact moment.  



PresenZ movies are much more comfortable and immersive than standard 360 movies. 

You can keep your production pipeline and tools. Everything happens at render and playback time. 

You can reuse assets created for a standard CG 2D movie. 

The same scenes created for the PresenZ movie can also be rendered in 360 stereo. PresenZ doesn't prevent you to relaese your movie in standard 360 for mobile platfoms.   

PresenZ allows to mix live action with CG content. 

PresenZ allows also to mix realtime with pre-rendered content.



PresenZ is currently available only on Arnold. The V-Ray plug-in will be released very soon. 

For more information, please contact



PresenZ is currently free for testing and for commercial use if using our branded player. If you want a white label player then will we charge you a percentage of the production budget (maximum 5% depending on the size of the project)

Later we will charge a percentage of the profits for pay per download experiences and of the production budget for free experiences (maximum 5% depending on revenue or size of the project). This won't have any retro effect on already released or in-production movies.

If you want to use PresenZ internally for, for example, design previews please contact us for more details.